Nathan's SL Biography

Basic Information

Name: Nathan

Alias: Gama-Sennin (Toad Sage), Denkiteki Sannin (Legendary Sannin)

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Weight: 130 lbs

Birthday: April 7th

Rank: Sannin, Hokage

Home Village: Konohagakure no Sato

Affilation: Konohagakure, Mount Myoboku

Attire (Clothing):
Uniform/Casual - Hidden Leaf Flak Jacket covering his casual attire that consists of a blue shirt, blue pants, a pair of the regular blue ninja sandals, and a blue Leaf headband. He also wears a cloak which is placed over his Jounin attire; the cloak, of course, was hand made by the toads on Myoboku and is modeled after the Hokage's cloak but different in color and also bears the kanji for 'Sage' on the back. He also wears the Myoboku headband on his right arm under his cloak. Two pouches reside on his backside and two summoning seals on both his forearms.

Appearance - A young, average built Shinobi, bearing dirty blonde hair. He bears somewhat spiky hair that hangs over both sides of his face, roughly his cheeks, and his eye color is hazel.

Personality - He is kind and willing to help others but, at the same time, he's very lazy and slightly perverted. Most of the time he is seen lazing around and doesn't usually do any thing unless something interests him or unless someone needs help.

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